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At CardioMatters Diagnostics, we have an Entire Team of specialists to take care of your patients.


Our team of experts allow us to take action quickly while providing excellent care and service to the patient. From consultation and testing to diagnosis and treatment, we view every patient as an opportunity to serve.

Our group consists of highly skilled and trained specialists that are always on-site. 


Please take the time to read our doctors' profiles to learn more about their training and experience. 

We use a variety of noninvasive tests   to help us determine our patients' cardiovascular health. At CardioMatters, we are experts in non-invasive cardiac diagnostic testing, and each of our doctors brings a variety of experiences and expertise to our team. 

We try to accomodate all of our patients in a timely fashion whenever we can.


A team of experts that put our heart into our work


Cardiology, Endocrinology,

and Medical Imaging

398 Steeles Avenue West 

Unit 11-14

Thornhill, ON

L4J 6X3

Tel: 905-881-0334

Fax: 905-881-1721



6633 Highway 7 East

Suite 215

Markham, ON

L3P 7P2

Tel: 905-472-7127

Fax: 905-472-6534



658 Danforth Avenue

Suite 330

Toronto, ON

M4J 5B9

Tel: 416-461-5996

Fax: 416-461-6479

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