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About Us

About Cardiomatters Diagnostics

At CardioMatters Diagnostics, we have an Entire Team of cardiologists to help take care of your patients. Each member brings  a unique skillset  to our group, and we believe that this helps us provide excellent care and service in an expeditious fashion.  From consultation and testing to diagnosis and treatment, we view every patient as an opportunity to serve. 

Our group consists of highly skilled and trained specialists that are always on-site. This is especially useful on occasions when a patient is found to have a significant and potentially unexpected abnormality, so that we can make recommendations in a timely fashion.

Our cardiologists read test results as they are being administered. This allows our group to take decisive action quickly. If we encounter a test that is significantly abnormal, one of our cardiologists will either arrange to see the patient, or communicate with you in order recommend further treatment or to change medications. 

Our referrals are typically seen within 1-2 weeks, and if necessary, we can often see a patient within days. 

Our staff care about what we do, and we try to be available available whenever you need us. 

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